Performance and long-life protection for vehicle interiors

Nanoteck’s scientifically designed surface protection products invisibly protect all types of motor vehicle interior fabrics and materials from water, dirt, stains and other substances.

Developed using nano-ceramic technology NanoShield and NanoFab products keep your vehicle cleaner for much longer and protected from UV damage, liquid and food spills, perspiration and other contamination.

NANOSHIELD – automotive leather protection

NanoShield is a protective coating technologically developed to keep interior leather moist and preserve that new leather look and soft leather feel.

Protects automotive leather

  • NanoShield is an ultra-durable coating giving ultra-effective UV protection.
  • Its hydrophobic properties repels water, dirt and other contaminants. Prevents absorption by the leather, liquids simply roll off the surface which can then be easily wiped away without staining.
  • It is transparent and colourless so will not affect the appearance or feel of the leather.
  • The coating allows the natural aroma of the leather to permeate inside the vehicle – giving you the fresh/new leather experience every time you get in the car.
  • The leather is protected from marks, die transfer from clothing and perspiration, staying cleaner for longer.

NANOFAB – vinyl and textile protection

NanoFab car interior surface protection products nourish and protect all interior finishes such as carpets and upholstery fabrics, vinyl fittings, dashboards and door panelling.

Effective protection of automotive interior surfaces:

  • NanoFab is formulated to stop liquid and other contaminants from absorbing into the fabric, carpets and other interior surfaces of vehicles. The liquid is repelled and pooled which can then be easily soaked up and wiped away with a damp cloth with no staining or discolouration of the fabric.
  • Unlike regular coatings the nano particles coat the individual fibres of the fabric maintaining the natural “breathability” of textiles while leaving feel of the fabric unaffected. Stale air can still escape so bad smells are expelled without any added treatment.
  • NanoTeck’s transparent elastic bonding properties gives the highest level of protection for dashboards, door panels, including convertible roof coverings and other plastic parts.

Why using nano-ceramic automotive interior protection makes sense

Stain Resistant | The hydrophobic coating provides exceptional water repellency for automotive interior fabrics keeping them dry and super resistant to liquid substances. The coating’s non-stick properties protect surfaces from dirt and stains such as coffee, animal and child accidents, food spills, mud, dirt, perspiration and other contaminants

Permanent Bonding Technology | Strong adherence qualities and elastic properties make the nano-coating exceedingly durable. Easily handles day-to-day wear and tear and other damage that would normally be caused to the car’s interior surfaces – giving long-lasting protection without need to be reapplied.

Other Harmful Elements | Resistant to other factors that would otherwise compromise the fabric and surfaces such as UV rays which may cause fading or discolouration over time. These protection products do not affect the appearance, colour, breathability or handling of the fabrics and materials.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning | Save time and money on expensive cleaning products NanoFab creates a protective surface where liquids will bead up rather than soak in – making it easy to wipe away without using chemicals or harsh chemical cleaning products.