Highest Level of Car Care is “Protection”

Extensive laboratory development and testing have resulted in one of the most advanced automotive paint protection products available in the market today.

NanoTeck nano-ceramic crystal coating forms a transparent, permanent high-gloss shine which acts like a crystal shell to protect your vehicle’s paintwork.

Effective protection of automotive exterior surfaces

Environmental Fallout | Resistance to damaging environmental factors such as bird and bat droppings, bug splatter, tar, road grime, tree sap and other harmful contaminants.

Harmful Chemicals | Resistance to chemicals that would otherwise compromise the factory clear coat such as oxidation, corrosion, fire, UV rays resulting in colour fading, rust and hard water stains.

Why using nano-ceramic paint protection makes sense

Ultra-High Gloss Shine | Acting as an added layer the unique properties of the nano-ceramic coating gives a permanent deep, glossy shine.

Exceptionally Tough | Toughness of the cured surface – up to 9H hardness – easily handles environmental wear and tear and other damage that would typically be caused directly to the car’s paintwork.

Long-Lasting | Save money on expensive cleaning and buffing products which need regular application. Permanent bonding technology results in a coating which is virtually inseparable from the car’s paint surface giving long-lasting protection without needing to be reapplied.

Lower Maintenance | No longer need to use harsh chemical cleaning products to remove grease, grime from your vehicle. The elastic hydrophobic properties of the coating repel water giving a self-cleaning effect. Any liquid will simply bead up and roll off the surface taking any dirt and contamination with it.